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Whether it’s a large inner-city neighborhood or a small town, Carter’s Kids is ready to provide the children of that community with a beautiful place to play.

If you are a potential corporate sponsor, a Carter’s Kids play space is a tremendous way to benefit your community in a long-term way.

Many companies have used the playground construction as a team-building exercise for company volunteers. It is a great way for employees to share in giving back to their community.

Carter’s Kids is a 501 c (3) organization and any corporate donation is fully tax-deductible.

As a non-profit, Carter’s Kids accepts donations from corporations and individual donors. These donations go to the building of and implementation of playgrounds all over the United States. To bring Carter’s Kids to your community, funding will have to already be in place. Sources for this funding typically comes from corporate sponsorships, grants, individual donors and city funding.

If your community has a school, a city park, a recreation center, a daycare center or a youth oriented program that needs a play space, we encourage you to contact Carter’s Kids at our contact page to inquire about bringing Carter’s Kids to your community.

What Carter’s Kids Provides

Our goal at Carter’s Kids is to make the playground building experience as seamless as possible. Once the playground funding is secured, Carter’s Kids provides the following:

  • Carter Oosterhouse will attend the playground build and ribbon-cutting ceremony. He also will be available for tv, radio and print interviews, as well as photo opportunities with the sponsors.
  • Our designers will work closely with you to custom- design your playground to meet your final approval.
  • Our playgrounds meet all federally required safety and design standards.


Carter’s Kids can provide 2 ways to complete your playground build. We can provide a full crew to come to your community and build the playground. The second option is if your community wants to do a volunteer playground build. If so, we will provide 2 certified playground experts to supervise your volunteer crew and successfully complete your playground build.

Once the playground is completed, we will provide experts to provide the final certification of the playground.